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We provide legal services for a wide variety of practices areas, from seemingly simple cases to more complex litigation. No matter what you’re facing, we’re here to advocate and litigate on your behalf. Below is a list of our most popular practice areas.

The office provides legal services of consultancy and representation in the field of commercial law and company law to domestic and foreign legal persons in their every-day business. From helping clients choose the best legal form for incorporation to assistance with set up, establishing corporate governance models, assisting with compliance issues and regulatory matters to drafting contracts:

  •  Incorporation of companies and their branch offices, and entry into the court register
  • Drawing up internal acts of companies and preparation of meetings of the general assembly
  • Legal advice related to company management and supervision
  • Representation in commercial disputes

The office provides legal assistance to companies in the preparation and implementation of mergers and acquisition (M&A) procedures, that include the following services:

  • Legal advice on business restructuring
  • Preparation and implementation of merger, acquisition, taking-over and liquidation
  • Legal due diligence
  • Drawing up transaction documentation
  • Representation before competent courts and regulatory agencies
  • Legal support when buying/selling property

Legal advices relating to real property and proprietary rights to real property, construction and project financing are provided to our clients. We give legal assistance in the project of construction of premises to domestic and foreign investors in all phases of development of the investment, starting from activities related to building site preparation, obtaining special conditions for construction and connection to utilities, settling property-right relations, tax solutions, negotiations and concluding business with financial and other institutions, to complete with the entry and registration of premises into cadastral and land registers.

  • Drawing up sales, donation, lease, rental of real property contracts
  • Settling property-right relations for real property construction
  • Preparation and advice in pre-investment activities
  • Legal due diligence
  • Representation in administrative procedures for obtaining construction and usage documents
  • Representation in real property procedures
  • Drawing up construction contracts (FIDIC)

The office provides legal services of advice in the field of banking and finance law. The office participates to negotiations and concluding business with financial and other institutions in project financing, financing restructuring, credit insurance and sim.

The office also provides services in the field of capital market and investment funds.

The office provides representation services in all types of disputes before the competent courts or arbitration procedures, as well as in mediation procedures.

  • Representation in civil procedures
  • Representation in arbitration procedures and mediation procedures
  • Representation in probate proceedings
  • Representation in disputes related to market competition protection
  • Representation in distress proceedings and insurance proceedings
  • Representation in pre-bankruptcy and bankruptcy proceedings

The office provides legal assistance to clients participating to public procurement procedures.

  • Representation of bidders in public procurement procedures
  • Collecting the documentation, drawing up and submitting bids for public bid invitation
  • Legal advice in public procurement procedures, and drawing up contracts
  • Representation in single and collective labour disputes
  • Legal advice and drawing up adequate documentation in the field of labour law (employment contracts, employment rules and other internal documents of the employer)
  • Representation in negotiations related to collective agreements and interpretation of their provisions
  • Representation in legal procedures and administrative disputes
  • Representation in tax procedures
  • Representation in inspection supervision procedures

Legal advice and representation in inheritance procedures

  • Counsel and representation of the damaged party in front of insurance companies.
  • Legal representation in civil court procedures regarding damage claims.
  • Damage claims in criminal or misdemeanor proceedings.

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